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Social Media today is more than just a share.  It is a massive network with the potential to reach millions of potential customers.  The rise of social media has allowed us to connect and communicate with other likeminded individuals without leaving the comfort of our desks or smartphones.

The problem with social media management comes in after you’ve set up your accounts.  Most companies find it a hassle to constantly manage and monitor social pages and reach as this becomes a full-time job which isn’t always feasible to most companies.

Social Media Management is a process in which we manage and monitor your campaigns and drive the traffic to your relevant sources at your business. This means you can focus on running your business without the worry and time spent on social platforms.

Why Social Media Management?

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Increase Conversions
  • Engage with customers
  • Improved Customer Service & PR
  • Local Search Feedback
  • Improves SEO

How can we help you with your Social Media Management?

421 Online can take the hassle out of social media management so you can focus on your business.

We set up and manage all your social media campaigns and advertising whilst providing accurate monthly reporting 

Small Talker

R799 PM

1 Social Platform

Account Setup & Management

1 Post Per Week

Check Platform Activity

No Advertising Budget

Monthly Reporting


R1999 PM

3 Social Platforms

Account Setup & Management

3 Posts Per Week

Check All Platform Activities

R500 Advertising Budget

Monthly Reporting

Blabber Mouth

R4299 PM

5 Posts Per Week

Account Setup & Management

5 Posts Per Week

Check All Platform Activities

R1000 Advertising Budget

Monthly Reporting

The Politician

R7499 PM

5 Social Media Platforms

Account Setup & Management

7 Posts Per Week

Check All Platform Activities

R1500 Advertising Budget

Monthly Reporting

Custom Management Fee Outside Packages Charged @ R450 Per Hour

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